After 16 years as an art dealer with a public gallery space, I have decided to close the public space. However, I will remain active as an art dealer, artist representative, and art advisor. This decision will allow me to focus more time on art consulting, artist development, public speaking, and preparing for an upcoming public exhibition of my collection of soldier-made art.

Byron Roche, Full gallery announcement

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"Byron Roche has been an art dealer for twenty five years and founded Byron Roche Gallery in 1994. The gallery exhibits contemporary art in all media with a focus on painting. The artists represented share Roche's strong interest in the materials and process used to create the work, as evidenced in the distressed aluminum and vehicular paints used by Margaret Evangeline, the repeating multiple portraits created by Lisa Erf, and the use of demanding gold and aluminum leaf by New York artist Paul Hunter. The work exhibited also reflects Roche's attraction to images that interact with the viewer's eye to create optical effects, as reflected in Op Art-inspired work by Chicago artist Ann Wiens, and the meticulously executed repetitive patterns painted by Jiwon Son. The result of this aesthetic is work that reflects a striking degree of technical proficiency, that is also often labor-intensive to produce. Roche believes that education is an important mission of the gallery, and enjoys spending time with beginning as well as experienced collectors, discussing the artistic process as well as the steps involved in art collecting and appreciation."
Architectural Digest, Art Across America, August 2004


"Byron Roche Gallery exhibits a strong program of technique-driven contemporary art in all media with an emphasis on painting.With an artistic eye honed over 20 years in the gallery business, owner Byron Roche has collected a coherent stable of artists whose individual styles complement each other, creating a pleasing, cohesive whole.Despite an eclectic mix of modes and media, artists share Roche's interest in the process and materials behind the work. Stop by the gallery to chat about art, collecting, the local music scene, or life in general. All visitors are welcome." Style Chicago




Don't be intimidated (and measure your walls)",
By Jenn Q. Goddu, Special to the Tribune, Published September 9, 2005

First-time art buyers are often told to "buy what you like." But what if you don't know what you like? This weekend is a great time to find out, with the launch of the fall gallery season and Wicker Park/Bucktown's annual Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival. There's no substitute for getting out and looking. "People don't really often know what they like, they just like what they know," said Byron Roche, owner of Byron Roche Gallery. "The more you can get out there and really see what artists are doing, it actually changes what you like." The Chicago Tribune September 9, 2005


Chicago Artists Coalition Artist's News January 2005 - "Best of Visual Arts 2004" Best Gallery - "Byron Roche consistently shows superb work of all kinds, balancing among strongly humanist work, abstract pieces and landscape. Some of the latter work often involves metallic paint or highly decorative pattern. Roche likes subtle things from subtle minds and has an eye for beautiful and often original techniques of all kinds. One senses Mr. Roche's love and passion on what he chooses to show, and it pays off in exhibits with real distinction and poetry." - Robert Kameczura



"Formerly a musician, Byron Roche has been in the gallery business for 20 years and has a genuine appreciation for the creativity, uniqueness, and quality that comes with every piece he displays.

This was evident as he spoke in detail about each individual artist and the process and materials involved in their work. He has a selection of artists who's individual styles complement one another as well as giving the buyer an eclectic mix of modes to choose from." Shakadoo, Shak in Style 2/12/07




"Byron Roche Gallery is proving itself a mainstay in the River North scene. Roche founded the gallery in 1994, after working for a large Chicago gallery for nearly a decade. The gallery exhibits contemporary art in all media, but its primary focus reflects Roche's fascination with the multiple materials and processes used in contemporary painting." Centerstage



"Tucked into a new location, just above its old spot under the El Tracks on Wells, the Byron Roche Gallery features a very Chicago view if ever there was one. Recently relocated, the gallery has always been a favorite, perhaps because the owner and operator, Byron Roche, always makes visitors feel welcome." Galleryscope


















P.O. Box 267870, Chicago, IL 60626 / Ph 312.654.0144 / byronroche@sbcglobal.net