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Born: March 22, 1927, Chicago, IL.

University of Illinois 1944-50 (BFA 1948, MFA 1950)
Roosevelt University 1950-52

Leopold Segedin was born in Chicago in 1927, received his BFA (1948) and MFA (1950) from the University of Illinois. He has taught at the University of Illinois (assistantship, 1948-50), U.S. Army Engineers (drafting, 1952-54) and at Northeastern Illinois University (1955-87). He has also taught at the Horwich JCC and the Evanston Art Center. He is Art Professor Emeritus at Northeastern Illinois University. He retired in 1987 after teaching there for 32 years. He has been an exhibiting artist since 1947, his works having been shown at such museums as the Art Institute of Chicago (including the 60th Annual National Exhibition) the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. and the Milwaukee Art Institute. Since retiring, in 1994, he had a major exhibition in the Renaissance Court of the Chicago Cultural Center called “I Remember”, a retrospective of paintings on Chicago themes done since 1947. He has exhibited with a group called the “5” at the Belzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, the Loyola University Art Gallery, the Ukranian Institute of Fine Art and Suburban Fine Art Center in Highland Park. In 2000, he was included in a group show at the Muskegon Museum of Art called “Moments of Grace: New Regional Painting”. Also, during 2000, he had a one man show at the University Club of Chicago. In 2001, he participated in “Survey 2001” at the Byron Roche Gallery. He was represented at “Chicago 2002”, the international show at Navy Pier. In 2000, 2002 and 2006, he had one-man shows at the Byron Roche Gallery. He has won awards at several museums including the Art Institute. He has had 15 one-man shows. He has been a lecturer, writer, panelist and juror.


I’ve always felt that my own paintings should speak for themselves. Words can point to what you should look at and create a context for what you see, but I don’t think that anyone can really communicate in words what works of art communicate any more than they can create in words the taste of a good wine. The experiences of – say - a painted, translucent red - of delicate lines and bold shapes - of dramatic, metaphoric images - are like - well - the tang of garlic in a good, kosher hot dog - if we can imagine such experiences as being more serious - more profound - than pleasurable. They have to be ‘tasted’ to be known. It is not an intellectual process, although some art critics have made their careers trying to describe and explain it. The meaning – the significance - of a painting is in the work itself - in the personal responses to the aesthetic and metaphoric qualities of the image. This does not mean that paintings don’t embody meanings beyond such intrinsic qualities of the paintings. Although paintings can be about any personal experience, I believe that important paintings should be about something important - about life - the human condition - about the world we live in, or, in my case, the world we used to live in – even about art itself. There is something unique about artists who create with passion, who write - or paint - or compose works of art that express the intensely human experiences they share with others – of love and hate - of beauty and ugliness – of nature and society - of divinity and belief – of the imaginings of our mind - of memory - of loss - of mortality and death - all those corny, clichéd sentiments which just happened to be meaningful to us. And it may be that those visions are more true and real to us than the objective truths of science; at least, they touch us in ways that science never can. I would like to think that this is true about me.



University of Illinois (assistantship) 1948-50
US Army (Engineering Drawing) 1952-54
Chicago High Schools 1954-55
Northeastern Illinois University 1955-87 (Professor Emeritus)
Horwich JCC
Evanston Art Center
Included among the `New Talents, USA, in Art In America, 1956
Founding President, `Exhibit A', Cooperative Art Gallery, 1957-59
Conducted student art tour of France and England, 1973
Represented in ‘Hello Dali’, a musical revue presented at Victory Gardens

Theater, 2000
Lecturer, Panelist, Juror, etc.


University of Illinois representative in College Art, USA Exhibit. Andover, Ma., 1948
Decatur Art Institute, Artists of Central Illinois', Decatur, Il., (Second Prize) 1949
Little Studio, Chicago, Il.,1950
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago and Vicinity' Exhibition, 1950, 1951 (Town and Country Arts Club Award), 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1971
Art Institute of Chicago,`60th National Annual Exhibition', 1952
Milwaukee Art Institute, Milwaukee, Wi., 1952
Terry Art Institute, Miami, Fl., (Honorable Mention) 1952
Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, DC, (Honorable Mention) 1953
Plaza Theater, Washington, DC, 1954
Malihini Gallery, Chicago, Il., (One-man show) 1955
Rockefeller Chapel Exhibition, Chicago, Il., 1955
Hillel Foundation, University of Chicago, (One-man show) 1955
Fauve Gallery, Chicago, Il.,(One-man show) 1956
Todros Geller Gallery (“The Five”), Chicago, Il., 1957
Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Ia., 1957
Anna Werbe Gallery (with Seymour Rosofsky and Ted Frano) Detroit, Mi., 1957
United States Information Traveling Exhibition, France, Germany, 1957-59
Exhibit `A' Gallery (with Dan Massen), Chicago, Il., 1958
Evanston Art Center, Evanston, Il, 1958-59
Old Orchard Art Fairs, Skokie, Il., (Honorable Mentions, 1958,59)
Illinois State Museum, Springfield, Il., 1959
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Il., 1960 (?)
Sun-Times `15/A' Show, Chicago, Il., 1962
Scott-Richards Gallery, Chicago, Il., 1962 )
Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, Il., 1965-66
Fine Arts Faculty Gallery, Harpers Court, Chicago, Il. 1965-66
Rosenstone Gallery, Chicago, Il., (One-man show) 1970
Suburban Fine Arts Gallery, Highland Park, Il., (One-man show) 1971
Spiesberg Gallery, Skokie, Il., (One-man show) 1972
Campbell-Methun, Chicago, Il., (One-man show) 1972
Chicago Invitational, Highland Park, Il., 1972
Michael Wyman Gallery, Chicago, Il., 1972
Critics Exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, 1972-73
More Chicago Artists Invitational, Chicago, Il., 1972
1134 Gallery, Group Show, Chicago, Il., 1973
Evanston Art Center Faculty Exhibition, Evanston, Il., 1975, 1979, 1981
Northeastern Illinois University (Library dedication), (One-man show) Chicago, Il., 1978
Paintings by Professors of Art of Northern Illinois, Illinois Bell Traveling Exhibition, 1980-81
North River Community Gallery, Chicago, Il., (One-man show) 1986
SCAN, Chicago, Il., 1992
SCAN, Chicago, Il., 1993, (Honorable. Mention)
Chicago Cultural Center, Renaissance Court, (One-man Show) 1994
Belzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, “5" Group Show, Chicago, Il. 1995
Byron Roche Gallery, “Cityscapes” Group Show, Chicago, Il, 1995
Loyola University Art Gallery, “5" Group Show, Chicago, Il, 1996
Byron Roche Gallery, (One-man Show) Chicago, Il, 1997
Ukranian Institute of Modern Art, “5" Group Show, Chicago, Il, 1998
Reeve Memorial Union Art Gallery, U of Wisconsin, Group Show, Oshkosh, WI, 1998
Reeve Memorial Union Art Gallery, U of Wisconsin, “Bird Show”, Oshkosh, WI, 1999
Muskegon Museum of Art, “Moments of Grace: New Regional Painting”, Muskegon, MI, 1999-2000
Northeastern Illinois University Art Gallery, “Faculty: Past and Present”, Chicago, Il, 2000
Byron Roche Gallery, (One Man Show), Chicago, IL, 2000
University Club of Chicago, (One Man Show), Chicago, IL, 2000
Suburban Fine Arts Center, “5" Group Show, Highland Park, IL, 2000-1
Byron Roche Gallery, (Group Show), Chicago, IL, 2001
Byron Roche Gallery, (One Man Show), Chicago, IL, 2002
Hothouse, (Group Show) ‘L’s, 2003
Byron Roche Gallery, (One Man Show), Chicago, IL, 2006

Byron Roche Gallery, (One Man Show), Chicago, IL, 2009

























































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